After getting my first teaching experience at the UFR STAPS Orsay at the Paris XI-Orsay University, I currently perform all my teaching activities in the Faculty of Sport Sciences of Marseille, at the Aix-Marseille University.

The main part of my teaching activities are currently designed to the 2nd and 3rd years' students in the bachelor STAPS de la Faculté des Sciences du Sport de Marseille but I occasionaly give lessons for students in the master STAPS (speciality IEMH & SMH) and to help for demos and jury in the  DESU Optimisation de la Performance Physique en Sport. My fundamental courses mainly deals with ergonomics and motor control/learning. My methodological courses concern informatic, scientific training, virtual reality and human activity monitoring during sport and work. See the slideshow at bottom - left to get an insight about student's activities during these lessons. I use as often as possible Information and Communication Technologies for Education (i.e., AMeTICE at Aix-Marseille Université) so as to vary teaching supports (e.g., TV reportages, online tests, downloadable course material, downloadable course description, laboratory visits) and motivate students (e.g., online attendance sheet, online booking of experimental equipment).

I was also director of study of the 2nd and 3rd year's bachelor students following the "Ergonomie du Sport and Performance Motrice" bachelor's degree from 2008 to 2015. Among many other, recommended actions for this responsability included student's placements and placement supervision, coordination of teacher's courses, loan of educational devices. I'm currently in charge of the coordination of the disciplinary field "ergonomics" in the Faculté des Sciences du Sport de Marseille. This charge aims at managing the educational content and support concerning ergonomics and human factors along the students' academic career within the different specialities of the Faculté des Sciences du Sport de Marseille.

I was also concerned by student's placement as work placement supervisor myself. See the slideshow on the top - left to have an idea about the technical skills learned by students during these placements.


An undergraduate student try to perform a circular 90° coordination with his two hands while following the ideal pattern on screen. The ideal pattern was programmed with OpenOffice Calc + BASIC programmation language. The hands coordination is recorded parallely with wireless inclinometers (T-Sens, TEA-ERGO, Fr) sticked on cardboards pinned up on a chair.