Oculus Rift Dk2

The Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 is an up-to-date (2014), cheap head mounted display offering with a unique OLED 1920 x 1080 px display refresh at 90 Hz a low-cost immersion with a light equipment (< 400g).  The 3-axis gyroscope, the accelerometer and the magnetometer embedded into the helmet coupled with the external infrared camera allow a fast enslavement of the visual scene to the helmet movements.



NVIS nVisor SX111


The nVisor SX111 is a head-mounted display offering users a truly immersive display with a total viewing real estate covering 102° horizontal by 64° vertical, with 111 degrees across the diagonal. The LCOS displays offer a 1280x1024 px resolution for each eye with a contrast >100:1. The head mounted display is connected to an electronic controller unit (that can be supplied with battery and become thus portative) via a cable. The nVisor SX111 uses a only one microdisplay per eye and can be driven from a single PC source supporting dual DVI or analog video output. Our SX111 is equiped with a viewpoint Binocular EyeTracker. 




Barco AS3D F35

The Barco AS3D F35 is a videoprojector offering a 1920  x  1200  pixels resolution and a refresh rate up to 120 Hz  in mono  or in active 3D stereoscopic.  The F35  AS3D  use the Dual­Link  DVI  technology for imagery with a 330 MHz bandpass. Our videoprojector is equiped with a 3D module for 3D stereoscopic rendering and Volfoni active stereo glasses. We also complementarily use two large projection screens (3.75 x 2.81 m et 2.5 x 3.2 m).  


   Ascension Technology Flock of Bird

The electromagnetic system Flock of Bird allows to measure up to 144 Hz the 6 dof of movement of an object or a body part with a wired sensor receiving the electromagnetic impulsions of a fixed emmiter. The system can be modulated and several controller units and sensors can be plugged in a swarm running with a unique emmiter. Despite its age (1992) I often use this system for enslaving my virtual environments.



Codamotion CX1   

The opto-electronic system CX1 codamotion allows the 3D measurement of movement up to 4.5 m far from the Cx1 scanner unit with active markers. The system can monitor 12 markers with an acquisition frequency of 400 Hz. Four wired markers (> 0.5 m) can be plugged on a marker drive box that contains a battery. I also use clusters of four markers, integrated into an ABS box to monitor the movements of a body part for instance. i use a system of two CX1 scanner connected to a F-Type minihub in order to maximize the marker's visibility in the sensing space. I use the Codamotion system to enslave my virtual envirponment in real time to operator's movements.

  Codamotion CX1