My research field of interest is concerned with three facets of movement production : Perceptual-motor learning, Action selection and action regulation. I'm especially interested by the role of visual information's on movement. I'm thus studying what kind of optical information is used, how is the moment enslaved to optics, and so on. I'm a fan of the direct perception theory (Gibson, 1979) and adress depending on the projects that are described on opposite the Direct Learning theory (Jacobs & Michaels, 2007), the Law of Control framework (Warren, 1988) and the Affordance Theory (Gibson, 1977).


My approach consist in studying operational or short-term (i.e.,< 59 sec.) decision making and/or perceptual-motor regulation in a wide variety of tasks. I'm thus applying visual psychophysics to different category of movement : sport, transport and skills. Such an approach allows to observe the existence of common principles of movement regulation and information across situations, context and/or effectors. This always force me to determine for each task the set of control variables and pieces of informations available and to test their mutual relationship depending on the expertise of operators. 


My methodologies involve indoor data capture (electromagnetic 6 DoF devices, Goniometers, Inclinometers, Vicon, CodaMotion, Captiv), outdoor data capture (Vxlog225, Garmin Oregon 450, Garmin Etrex), real-time data monotoring (Ad-Win Keithley), some custom made electronics and sensors (Potentiometers, FSR), visual rendering and Virtual reality (Imagine, Create & Experiment (ICE) software), data processing (Matlab, VBA). Please look at some representative equipments I'm currently using. The picture bellow will allows you to get an overview (and the slideshow at right specific examples) of how I can mix input and output devices in order to get a complete virtual reality setup for a given task.

My possibilities of mixed Input, rendering and informatics devices for virtual reality use

Tasks & Projects

The screenshots below are linked to the specific pages of my different projects. All paradigms are currently running.