My background is in human movement science and psychology. I studied sport sciences as an undergraduate and graduate at the UFR-STAPS Liévin (Université d'Artois, Fr). I then received a M.Sc (2003) and a Ph.D. (2006) in Movement Sciences, Motricity and Human Movement at the University of Paris Sud. My Ph.D was supervised by Pr. Benoît Bardy (Université Montpellier-1, Fr) and Pr. Isabelle Siegler (University of Paris Sud, Fr) and concerned  perceptual-motor learning in time-delayed virtual environment. I'm currently Assistant Professor at the Aix-Marseille University since 2008.


I perform my teaching activities in the Faculté des Sciences du Sport in Marseille. My courses concern both movement science theory (motor learning, ergonomics) and  methodology (indoor/ourdor data capture, signal processing, etc.). I was field director of Ergonomics studies (called "Ergonomie du Sport et Performance Motrice (ESPM)") from 2008 to 2015. I'm currently supervising ergonomics courses for undergraduate and graduate students.

Faculty of Sport Sciences, Marseille


My research activities are carried out here in the Performance Motrice, Modélisation Multi-Echelle team of the UMR CNRS 7287 Institut des Sciences du Mouvement Etienne- Jules MAREY but involve several collaborations in France, Europe and North America. My research focuses on perception and action coupling. My main interests concern decision-making, visual control of locomotion and motor learning in real as well as in virtual environments. I supervised several PhD students and have experience in collaborative work, papers and engagement with external partners.


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